[ law-guh-grif, log-uh- ]
/ ˈlɔ gə grɪf, ˈlɒg ə- /


an anagram, or a puzzle involving anagrams.
a puzzle in which a certain word, and other words formed from any or all of its letters, must be guessed from indications given in a set of verses.

Origin of logogriph

1590–1600; logo- + Greek grîphos a fishing basket, riddle


log·o·griph·ic, adjective
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Example sentences from the Web for logogriph

  • The circle of the sciences was for Castanier something like a logogriph for a man who does not know the key to it.

    Melmoth Reconciled|Honore de Balzac

British Dictionary definitions for logogriph

/ (ˈlɒɡəʊˌɡrɪf) /


a word puzzle, esp one based on recombination of the letters of a word

Derived forms of logogriph

logogriphic, adjective

Word Origin for logogriph

C16: via French from logo- + Greek grīphos puzzle
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