[ loh-gom-uh-kee ]
/ loʊˈgɒm ə ki /

noun, plural lo·gom·a·chies.

a dispute about or concerning words.
an argument or debate marked by the reckless or incorrect use of words; meaningless battle of words.
a game played with cards, each bearing one letter, with which words are formed.

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Origin of logomachy

From the Greek word logomachía, dating back to 1560–70. See logo-, -machy

Related formslog·o·mach·ic [law-guh-mak-ik, log-uh-] /ˌlɔ gəˈmæk ɪk, ˌlɒg ə-/, log·o·mach·i·cal, adjectivelo·gom·a·chist, log·o·mach, noun

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/ (lɒˈɡɒməkɪ) /

noun plural -chies

argument about words or the meaning of words
Derived Formslogomachist, noun

Word Origin for logomachy

C16: from Greek logomakhia, from logos word + makhē battle

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Word Origin and History for logomachy



"contention about, or with, words," 1560s, from logo- + -machy.

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