[ loh-luh ]


  1. a female given name, form of Charlotte or Dolores.

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Example Sentences

When Lola says today’s the day to die, they agree to first settle scores with some of those who’ve hurt them.

In April 2020, with the help of her mother Nickell Thomas, Lola created her first polish.

With songs like "Strangers" and "Rats," and then "Lola" and "Get Back in Line," it feels like this is the best example of you and your brother, Ray, working together as singers.

Run Lola Run was the coolest movie ever when I was a teenager, so I was so thrilled.

Adler seized Lola by the collar and slammed his hand against the garage door closer.

“I think my sister and I have carved out our very distinct lanes in journalism,” said Lola Ogunnaike.

Next Movie might have missed one though, no mention of the entire episode homage to Run Lola Run.

Ten years ago he broke into a house owned by a woman named Lola Nixon, intending to commit burglary.

Lola gazed after him with troubled eyes, and then a thought, a thought that had never entered her head before, came.

He grasped Lola and drew her down on to the arm of the chair by sheer force, for she resisted savagely.

At those words, designed to placate, the fire which smouldered in Lola's breast burst into sudden flame.

Day by day Lola had become more precious to him, and as he looked at Lawrence he thought, "Why should she not prefer him to me?"

When he heard of Lawrence being the chosen knight of Lola he begged to be allowed to become her knight too.