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  1. spoils or plunder taken by pillaging, as in war.

  2. anything taken by dishonesty, force, stealth, etc.: a burglar's loot.

  1. a collection of valued objects: The children shouted and laughed as they opened their Christmas loot.

  2. Slang. money: You'll have a fine time spending all that loot.

  3. the act of looting or plundering: to take part in the loot of a conquered city.

  4. (in a video game) valuable items that can be claimed from a defeated enemy or cache: I was hoping for new armor, but this loot was pretty disappointing.

verb (used with object)
  1. to carry off or take (something) as loot: to loot a nation's art treasures.

  2. to despoil by taking loot; plunder or pillage (a city, house, etc.), as in war: The invaders looted temples and shrines.

  1. to rob, as by burglary or corrupt activity in public office: to loot the public treasury.

  2. (in a video game) to collect (items from a defeated enemy or cache): Loot all of the bodies and treasure chests before you exit the dungeon.

verb (used without object)
  1. to take loot; plunder: The conquerors looted and robbed.

Origin of loot

First recorded in 1780–90; from Hindi lūṭ, from Sanskrit lotra, loptra “booty, spoil”

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  • looter, noun

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[ loot ]

  1. simple past tense of let1.

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/ (luːt) /

  1. goods stolen during pillaging, as in wartime, during riots, etc

  2. goods, money, etc, obtained illegally

  1. informal money or wealth

  2. the act of looting or plundering

  1. to pillage (a city, settlement, etc) during war or riots

  2. to steal (money or goods), esp during pillaging

Origin of loot

C19: from Hindi lūt

Derived forms of loot

  • looter, noun

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