[ loh-kwas-i-tee ]
/ loʊˈkwæs ɪ ti /

noun, plural lo·quac·i·ties.

the state of being loquacious; talkativeness; garrulity.
an instance of talkativeness or garrulity; a loquacious flow of talk: The sherry increased my loquacity.

Origin of loquacity

1595–1605; < Latin loquācitās talkativeness, equivalent to loquāci-, stem of loquāx talkative (derivative of loquī to speak; cf. eloquent) + -tās -ty2
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c.1200, from Latin loquacitatem (nominative loquacitas) "talkativeness," from loquax "talkative" (see loquacious). An Old English word for it was ofersprecolnes.

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