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[ lawst, lost ]


  1. no longer possessed or retained:

    lost friends.

    Synonyms: past, former

  2. no longer to be found:

    lost articles.

  3. having gone astray or missed the way; bewildered as to place, direction, etc.:

    lost children.

    Synonyms: missing, absent

  4. not used to good purpose, as opportunities, time, or labor; wasted:

    a lost advantage.

  5. being something that someone has failed to win:

    a lost prize.

  6. ending in or attended with defeat:

    a lost battle.

  7. destroyed or ruined:

    lost ships.

  8. He seems lost in thought.

  9. the lost look of a man trapped and afraid.

verb (used with or without object)

  1. simple past tense and past participle of lose.


/ lɒst /


  1. unable to be found or recovered
  2. unable to find one's way or ascertain one's whereabouts
  3. confused, bewildered, or helpless

    he is lost in discussions of theory

  4. sometimes foll by on not utilized, noticed, or taken advantage of (by)

    rational arguments are lost on her

  5. no longer possessed or existing because of defeat, misfortune, or the passage of time

    a lost art

  6. destroyed physically

    the lost platoon

  7. foll by to no longer available or open (to)
  8. foll by to insensible or impervious (to a sense of shame, justice, etc)
  9. foll by in engrossed (in)

    he was lost in his book

  10. morally fallen

    a lost woman

  11. damned

    a lost soul

  12. get lost informal.
    usually imperative go away and stay away

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Other Words From

  • un·lost adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lost1

First recorded in 1530–40, for the adjective

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. get lost, Slang.
    1. to absent oneself:

      I think I'll get lost before an argument starts.

    2. to stop being a nuisance:

      If they call again, tell them to get lost.

  2. lost to,
    1. no longer belonging to.
    2. no longer possible or open to:

      The opportunity was lost to him.

    3. insensible to:

      lost to all sense of duty.

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  • get lost
  • he who hesitates is lost
  • make up for lost time
  • no love lost
  • you've lost me
  • lose

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Example Sentences

Those who were at 45 to 50 hours before are down to 24 to 32 hours per week, Cooper said, and he has not seen any extra hiring to make up the lost time.

This feature will help sites that do not have more exposure or access to Google to hopefully rectify the issue faster and thus reduce any lost Google traffic due to a false positive security issue.

Federal regulators say much of the lost money came from people emptying their pockets for security scans.

From Fortune

Some Airbnb guests argued the refund process was complicated while hosts complained that the company didn’t do more to compensate them for their lost income.

From Fortune

“Nobody wants that, but we may not have a choice, and the lost time that could’ve been used to build up these systems will become really apparent,” she says.

So in that sense we have gotten close to the families that have lost loved ones, be it from one side or the other.

After four or five months of casual interaction, they realized they both had lost a young parent to cancer.

He was not originally so uninhibited, however, as can now be seen in his “lost” novel, Skylight.

“The origin of Brokpas is lost in antiquity,” a research article from the University of Delhi notes.

He lost his bid for a fourth term to George Pataki that year.

The patache was never seen again, and there is not much doubt that it was lost with all hands on board.

This vessel, loaded with supplies, went ashore and was lost; and one hundred and twenty Japanese and three Dutchmen were drowned.

They held the compound against repeated assaults, and lost several men in hand-to-hand fighting.

How much of the imagination, how much of the intellect, evaporates and is lost while we seek to embody it in words!

Kum Kale has been a brilliant bit of work, though I fear we have lost nearly a quarter of our effectives.


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