[ lot-uh ]


  1. a female given name, form of Charlotte.

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Example Sentences

Lotta times,” recalls Dave Wing, “nothing needed to be said.

The federal government spent a lotta money training me to be a very, very talented and capable aviator.

For one thing, any CSI episode costs seven figures, which is more than a whole lotta Lenos.

I have lost the groom,—his horse was too slow,—and I've been punished by Lotta picking a stone I cannot remove.

When Lotta Luxa had called him a calf she had not inappropriately defined one side of his character.

Lotta muttered something about the thoughtless thanklessness of young people, and then took herself down-stairs.

Her aunt, indeed, had been very angry; and Lotta Luxa and Souchey had told her that such a marriage would not be allowed.

She summoned Lotta to attend her, and after her one o'clock dinner took her umbrella in her hand and went forth.





Lot's wifelotte