louping ill

[ lou-ping, loh-, loo- ]
/ ˈlaʊ pɪŋ, ˈloʊ-, ˈlu- /

noun Veterinary Pathology.

an acute viral disease of sheep affecting the nervous system, transmitted by a tick.

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Origin of louping ill

First recorded in 1810–20; see origin at loup2

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Examples from the Web for louping ill

  • She would not be seen hirpling like a sheep with the louping-ill, and so she preferred to remain in bed and keep her dignity.

    Barbara Lynn|Emily J. Jenkinson

British Dictionary definitions for louping ill

louping ill

/ (ˈlaʊpɪŋ, ˈləʊ-) /


a viral disease of sheep causing muscular twitching and partial paralysis: transmitted by the bite of an infected tick (Ixodes ricinus)

Word Origin for louping ill

C18 louping, from loup ²

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