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[ loh-kwol-i-tee ]


  1. substandard; of inferior quality: Repairs made with low-quality parts are cheaper, but they won’t last long.

    It’s hard to make a delicious dish when you start with low-quality ingredients.

    Repairs made with low-quality parts are cheaper, but they won’t last long.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of low-quality1

First recorded in 1815–20; low 1( def ) + quality ( def )

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Example Sentences

Eleventh place is quite the crowning achievement for the little isthmus—especially considering the low quality offerings.

A significant current in the food zeitgeist is running against low-quality, industrial-produced, calorie-heavy food products.

Its low-quality, low-wage, low-price business model is in trouble.

Thus we now have “content farms” like Demand Media which flood the Web with low-cost, low-quality content that is basically spam.

It should be noted that this new data is not from some fringe, low-quality study that might be disproved by future research.

Can a small amount of pleasure of very elevated character outweigh a large amount of pleasure of low quality?

In spite of self-sterility and low quality, however, it is a promising sort for the country south of Pennsylvania.

It may perhaps indicate the cheap grade and low quality of most of our present acquisitions in this category.

The illustrations in this edition are of low quality and damaged, but the best available.

Besides the high prices, one of the other limitations of the foreign-born neighborhood store is the low quality of the food.





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