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[ noun loh-doun; adjective loh-doun ]


  1. Usually the lowdown. the real and unadorned facts; the true, secret, or inside information:

    We gave them the lowdown on the new housing project.


  1. a lowdown trick.

  2. low, especially socially or morally; degraded.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lowdown1

First recorded in 1540–50; low 1 + down 1

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Example Sentences

I sat down with Stuart and got the lowdown on all those questions and more.

Take a break and read on to get the lowdown on the best foot massagers and their many benefits.

Today, we serve up the lowdown on the HBCU sports programs to watch, highlight the stars set to shine and dive into how the reckoning on America’s streets is changing college sports.

From Ozy

While law enforcement and consumer protection advocates have been busier than ever, today’s Daily Dose gives you the lowdown on what’s happening and how to protect yourself.

From Ozy

If you know the category of ski you’re looking for, click directly to it in the menu below to get the lowdown.

Lowdown Mr. Lee trained the elephants to shoot mud and water from their trunks whenever threatened.

He treated me mighty sorry—it was lowdown and mean all the way through, the way he done me—but I didn't mean him no real harm.

Here's the behind-the-scenes lowdown on Luna City life and a promoter of Martian dancing girls, vaudeville, and—other things.

You can't give up a lowdown trade That your ancestors began; A butcher butchers things, and yet He's the tenderest-hearted man.

He could be lowdown and vulgar enough to ask right out if he wished.

One is lowdown and contemptible and nasty, and the other is expedient.





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