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noun Slang.
  1. a dull or stupid person; blockhead.
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Origin of lunkhead

1850–55, Americanism; lunk (perhaps blend of lump1 and hunk) + head
Also called lunk [luhngk] /lʌŋk/.
Related formslunk·head·ed, adjective
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Related Words

clod, dunce, imbecile, clown, klutz, yokel, sap, dolt, half-wit, bumpkin, idiot, boor, blunderer, brute, moron, nincompoop, fool, goon, beast, hayseed

Examples from the Web for lunkhead

Contemporary Examples

Historical Examples

  • She'd be all right if she didn't have such a lunkhead of a brother.

  • It is only because you are a lunkhead that you perceive any great mystery here.

    The Wolf Cub

    Patrick Casey

  • Why, you lunkhead, this gentleman will tell you I am his guest!

    The Haunted Pajamas

    Francis Perry Elliott

  • Why don't you take your lunkhead of a son home to his mother, if he isn't bright enough to understand fun!

    Boyhood in Norway

    Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen

  • They cant see through the wall, you lunkhead, answered Bob, and if anyone comes out well see em and let you know.

    Left Half Harmon

    Ralph Henry Barbour