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[ mey-ker ]


  1. a person or thing that makes.
  2. a manufacturer (used in combination):

    a drugmaker; a garmentmaker.

  3. (sometimes initial capital letter) a person who has the hobby of creating tangible physical products, especially do-it-yourself technology and engineering projects or handmade crafts (often used attributively): The maker movement fosters hands-on creativity in a sedentary world of passive entertainment options.

    Makers came together at the convention to collaborate with each other and show off their completed products.

    The maker movement fosters hands-on creativity in a sedentary world of passive entertainment options.

  4. (initial capital letter) God.
  5. the party executing a legal instrument, especially a promissory note.
  6. Cards. the player who first names the successful bid.
  7. Archaic. a poet.



/ ˈmeɪkə /


  1. See God
    a title given to God
  2. go to meet one's Maker
    go to meet one's Makermeet one's Maker to die



/ ˈmeɪkə /


  1. a person who makes (something); fabricator; constructor
  2. a person who executes a legal document, esp one who signs a promissory note
  3. archaic.
    a poet Also called (esp Scot)makar

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Other Words From

  • pre·maker noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of maker1

First recorded 1300–50; Middle English; make 1, -er 1

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. go to / meet one's Maker, to die.

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Example Sentences

The front-facing camera has been a pretty constant bugbear for phone makers for a number of years now.

After a delay of six months for its 7-nanometer chips, it’s now a year behind schedule and lagging other makers who already offer 7-nanometer chips.

Very few academics or policy makers are talking about the impact of climate change on heritage.

From Quartz

Approximately 60% of craft spirits makers sell less than 2,500 cases per year.

From Fortune

He made news as the one of the first and most public critics of the suppressed dangers of the painkiller, Vioxx, which its maker Merck withdrew from the market in 2004.

A successful trend-maker might be able to steer a conversation, but virality remains extremely difficult to predict.

John B. Stetson was born in 1830 in New Jersey, the son of a hat maker.

Available at Anova Aeropress Coffee Espresso Maker, $26 Every year, there seems to be a new favorite coffee maker.

The two U.S. entities, along with the RDIF, last year acquired a majority interest in a leading Russian tire maker, Voltyre-Prom.

There have been many reactions to the digitization of our lives, like the resurgence of vinyl and the entire Maker movement.

The glorious sun was strong in his might, and, like his Maker, warmed the northern world into exuberant life.

It would not be fair to omit the name of the first mould-maker who made the tumbler-mould in question.

It is now about three centuries since there flourished at Cremona its first great violin maker.

Oats, Captain Trevithick's head boiler-maker, was constructing the boilers; Woolf came into the yard, and examined them.

In other respects Steiner at this period was a most careful maker, and his instruments show very fine finish and workmanship.


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