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[ mal-uh-juhs-tid ]


  1. badly or unsatisfactorily adjusted, adjusted, especially in relationship to one's social circumstances, environment, etc.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of maladjusted1

First recorded in 1880–85; mal- + adjusted

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Example Sentences

While Curb Your Enthusiasm has long become set in its ways, it’s retained its caustic bite, thanks entirely to its impressive ability to keep concocting creative ways to torment the socially maladjusted Larry.

And within the first minutes, a maladjusted designer is weeping over a personal matter.

Within the first minutes, a maladjusted designer is weeping over a personal matter.

During the 40-year period the film covers, the Edies evolve into a single maladjusted organism.

Old schoolmates remember him as “a nice guy, but a bit maladjusted.”

Molly Jong-Fast is the author of the weirdly popular cult novel Normal Girl and Girl Maladjusted.

From a multi-dialed console Ann verbally transmitted a new personality directly into the maladjusted mind.

"The last fiscal mental health report showed the percentage of maladjusted—" She laughed throatily.

And he was not adjusting at all when he came back, so he was very maladjusted.

Well, certainly from his whole situation I would conclude that he was maladjusted.

Had you had the impression that, or did you have the impression that he was generally a maladjusted person?