[ muh-noo-bree-uhm, -nyoo- ]
/ məˈnu bri əm, -ˈnyu- /
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noun, plural ma·nu·bri·a [muh-noo-bree-uh, -nyoo-], /məˈnu bri ə, -ˈnyu-/, ma·nu·bri·ums.

Anatomy, Zoology. a segment, bone, cell, etc., resembling a handle.
Also called presternum. Anatomy.
  1. the uppermost of the three portions of the sternum.Compare gladiolus (def. 2), xiphisternum.
  2. the long process of the malleus.



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Origin of manubrium

1650–60; <New Latin, Latin: a handle, akin to manus hand


ma·nu·bri·al, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for manubrium

/ (məˈnjuːbrɪəm) /

noun plural -bria (-brɪə) or -briums

anatomy any handle-shaped part, esp the upper part of the sternum
zoology the tubular mouth that hangs down from the centre of a coelenterate medusa such as a jellyfish

Derived forms of manubrium

manubrial, adjective

Word Origin for manubrium

C17: from New Latin, from Latin: handle, from manus hand
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Medical definitions for manubrium

[ mə-nōōbrē-əm, -nyōō- ]

n. pl. ma•nu•bri•a (-brē-ə)

The upper segment of the sternum with which the clavicle and the first two pairs of ribs articulate.
The portion of the malleus that is embedded in the tympanic membrane and extends downward, inward, and backward from the neck of the malleus.
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