[ glad-ee-oh-luh s ]
/ ˌglæd iˈoʊ ləs /

noun, plural glad·i·o·lus, glad·i·o·li [glad-ee-oh-lahy] /ˌglæd iˈoʊ laɪ/, glad·i·o·lus·es for 1; glad·i·o·li for 2.

any plant of the genus Gladiolus, of the iris family, native especially to Africa, having erect, sword-shaped leaves and spikes of flowers in a variety of colors.
Anatomy. the middle and largest segment of the sternum.Compare manubrium(def 2a), xiphisternum.


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Origin of gladiolus

1560–70; < Latin: small sword, sword lily, equivalent to gladi(us) sword + -olus -ole1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for gladiolus

/ (ˌɡlædɪˈəʊləs) /

noun plural -lus, -li (-laɪ) or -luses

Also called: sword lily, gladiola any iridaceous plant of the widely cultivated genus Gladiolus, having sword-shaped leaves and spikes of funnel-shaped brightly coloured flowers
anatomy the large central part of the breastbone

Word Origin for gladiolus

C16: from Latin: a small sword, sword lily, from gladius a sword
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Medical definitions for gladiolus

[ glăd′ē-ōləs ]

n. pl. glad•i•o•lus•es

The large middle section of the sternum.
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