[ glad-ee-oh-luhs ]
/ 藢gl忙d i藞o蕣 l蓹s /
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noun, plural glad路i路o路lus, glad路i路o路li [glad-ee-oh-lahy], /藢gl忙d i藞o蕣 la瑟/, glad路i路o路lus路es for 1; glad路i路o路li for 2.
any plant of the genus Gladiolus, of the iris family, native especially to Africa, having erect, sword-shaped leaves and spikes of flowers in a variety of colors.
Anatomy. the middle and largest segment of the sternum.Compare manubrium (def. 2a), xiphisternum.


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Origin of gladiolus

1560鈥70; <Latin: small sword, sword lily, equivalent to gladi(us) sword + -olus-ole1
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What does gladiolus mean?

The name gladiolus can refer to any plant in the genus Gladiolus, which is in the iris family. They are known for their sword-shaped leaves and brightly colored, funnel-shaped flowers.

Due to the shape of its leaves, the gladiolus is sometimes called the sword lily. A gladiolus can also be called a gladiola. Gladiolus plants are sometimes informally called glads for short. The plural of gladiolus can be gladiolus, gladioli, or gladioluses.

There are more than 300 species of gladiolus and their flowers come in many different colors. They are commonly used as ornamental flowers by gardeners and florists.

The gladiolus is the one of the August birth flowers (a flower that鈥檚 associated with a particular month in the same way as a birthstone).

The word gladiolus has another meaning in the context of anatomy, in which it refers to the middle and largest segment of the sternum (the breastbone).

Example: We used four different kinds of gladiolus to make the wedding bouquet.

Where does gladiolus come from?

The first records of the word gladiolus in English come from the mid-1500s. It ultimately comes from the Latin gladi(us), meaning 鈥渟word.鈥 The word gladiator is based on the same root.

Many varieties of gladiolus are native to South Africa, while some other cultivated species are from the Mediterranean. Some species bloom in the springtime, while others flourish in the summer months.

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What are some other forms related to gladiolus?

  • gladioluses (plural)
  • gladioli (plural)

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How is gladiolus used in real life?

The plural of gladiolus can be gladioluses, gladioli, or just gladiolus. People sometimes call them glads for short. They are popular in bouquets, gardens, and as gifts.

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The gladiolus is part of the iris family.

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British Dictionary definitions for gladiolus

/ (藢伞l忙d瑟藞蓹蕣l蓹s) /

noun plural -lus, -li (-la瑟) or -luses
Also called: sword lily, gladiola any iridaceous plant of the widely cultivated genus Gladiolus, having sword-shaped leaves and spikes of funnel-shaped brightly coloured flowers
anatomy the large central part of the breastbone

Word Origin for gladiolus

C16: from Latin: a small sword, sword lily, from gladius a sword
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