or Mar·kan

[ mahr-kuhn ]

  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of St. Mark or of the second Gospel.

Origin of Marcan

1900–05; <Latin Mārc(us) Mark + -an

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How to use Marcan in a sentence

  • The addition by Matthew and Luke of the words ( ) is held by some to indicate their use of a Marcan text different from ours.

  • At the opening of the 3d chapters of Matthew and Luke, these writers begin their use of Marcan material.

  • The longest omission of continuous Marcan material is made by Luke in omitting the whole of Mk vi, 45 to viii, 26.

  • The common non-Marcan tradition of Matthew and Luke consists almost exclusively of logian material.

  • Where a choice from two or more Marcan expressions has been made, the first choice falls to Matthew and the second to Luke.