[ mair ]
/ mɛər /


a fully mature female horse or other equine animal.

Origin of mare

before 900; Middle English, variant of mere, Old English m(i)ere; cognate with Dutch merrie, German Mähre, Old Norse merr; akin to Old English mearh, Old Norse marr, Irish marc horse. See marshal


mare mayor

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[ mair ]
/ mɛər /

noun Obsolete.

Origin of mare

before 900; Middle English, Old English; cognate with German Mahre, Old Norse mara. See nightmare

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[ mahr-ey, mair-ee ]
/ ˈmɑr eɪ, ˈmɛər i /

noun, plural ma·ri·a [mahr-ee-uh, mair-] /ˈmɑr i ə, ˈmɛər-/. Astronomy.

any of the several large, dark plains on the moon and Mars: Galileo believed that the lunar features were seas when he first saw them through a telescope.

Origin of mare

1680–90; < Latin: sea

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[ si-ree-nuh m ]
/ sɪˈri nəm /


Mare. Mare Sirenum.

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Marine Engineer.

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mare nostrum
[ mah-re nohs-troo m; English mair-ee nos-truh m, mahr-ey ]
/ ˈmɑ rɛ ˈnoʊs trʊm; English ˈmɛər i ˈnɒs trəm, ˈmɑr eɪ /

noun Latin.

our sea, especially the Mediterranean to the ancient Romans.

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de la Mare
[ duh luh mair, del-uh mair ]
/ də lə ˈmɛər, ˈdɛl ə ˌmɛər /


Walter (John),1873–1956, English poet, novelist, playwright, and short-story writer. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (mɛə) /


the adult female of a horse or zebra

Word Origin for mare

C12: from Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Old High German mariha, Old Norse merr mare

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/ (ˈmɑːreɪ, -rɪ) /

noun plural maria (ˈmɑːrɪə)

(capital when part of a name) any of a large number of huge dry plains on the surface of the moon, visible as dark markings and once thought to be seas: Mare Imbrium (Sea of Showers)
a similar area on the surface of Mars, such as Mare Sirenum

Word Origin for mare

from Latin: sea

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de la Mare
/ (də lɑː mɛə) /


Walter (John). 1873–1956, English poet and novelist, noted esp for his evocative verse for children. His works include the volumes of poetry The Listeners and Other Poems (1912) and Peacock Pie (1913) and the novel Memoirs of a Midget (1921)

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mare nostrum
/ Latin (ˈmɑːreɪ ˈnɒstrʊm) /


the Latin name for the Mediterranean

Word Origin for mare nostrum

literally: our sea
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Science definitions for mare

[ märā ]

Plural maria (rē-ə)

Any of the large, low-lying dark areas on the Moon or on Mars or other inner planets. The lunar maria are believed to consist of volcanic basalts, and many are believed to be basins formed initially by large impacts with meteoroids and later filled with lava flows. Compare terra.
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