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[ mahr-king ]


  1. a mark, or a number or pattern of marks: mark:

    birds with colorful markings.

  2. the act of a person or thing that marks: mark:

    the marking of papers.


/ ˈmɑːkɪŋ /


  1. a mark or series of marks
  2. the arrangement of colours on an animal, plant, etc
  3. assessment and correction of school children's or students' written work by teaching staff

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Word History and Origins

Origin of marking1

Middle English word dating back to 1275–1325; mark 1, -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Meanwhile, “the pair in the nose section photographed or hand-copied all markings in the basket area while we did those in the engine compartment,” Finer wrote.

Amtrak had assigned me to a specific roomette when I booked the ticket, but the train markings didn’t connect with what I held in my hand.

On the western end, strips of orange, pink and yellow plastic waved in the frigid breeze from various tree branches, presumably markings from the highway study.

Edge cases might include construction work, confusing lane markings, or a sudden snowstorm disrupting visibility.

From Fortune

The same is true for Pennsylvania in many regions, including Philadelphia, after a rocky rollout of its new ballot marking devices.

But his words felt forced and were belied his 2004 vote to oppose marking Martin Luther King Jr.

A map shows each station on the route, along with marking POW camps and other landmarks along the way.

In Silicon Valley proper, that number increases to $108,603, marking a 7.2 percent year-over-year increase.

Instead, astronomers hope to observe planet formation in all its stages, each marking a phase in star and planet birth.

This will constitute a major victory for the forces of light, one very much worth marking and thinking back over.

There on the right marking the hour of eleven on its black face was the clock of the Comptoir National.

In marking the public lands of the western territories by statute monuments must designate the corners of the tract.

Bruce marking the effect shouted his war-cry and urged his men to their utmost efforts.

Besides marking the time, the song helped the men to measure the force of each blow.

It is more than the blue line marking the faint division between sea and sky that they see.


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