[ muh-kan-iks ]
/ məˈkæn ɪks /
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(used with a singular verb) the branch of physics that deals with the action of forces on bodies and with motion, comprised of kinetics, statics, and kinematics.
(used with a singular verb) the theoretical and practical application of this science to machinery, mechanical appliances, etc.
(usually used with a plural verb) the technical aspect or working part; mechanism; structure.
(usually used with a plural verb) routine or basic methods, procedures, techniques, or details: the mechanics of running an office; the mechanics of baseball.
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Origin of mechanics

First recorded in 1640–50; see origin at mechanic, -ics
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How to use mechanics in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for mechanics

/ (mɪˈkænɪks) /

(functioning as singular) the branch of science, divided into statics, dynamics, and kinematics, concerned with the equilibrium or motion of bodies in a particular frame of referenceSee also quantum mechanics, wave mechanics, statistical mechanics
(functioning as singular) the science of designing, constructing, and operating machines
the working parts of a machine
the technical aspects of somethingthe mechanics of poetic style
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Scientific definitions for mechanics

[ mĭ-kănĭks ]

The branch of physics concerned with the relationships between matter, force, and energy, especially as they affect the motion of objects. See also classical physics quantum mechanics.
The functional aspect of a system, such as the mechanics of blood circulation.
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Cultural definitions for mechanics


The branch of physics that deals with the motion of material objects. The term mechanics generally refers to the motion of large objects, whereas the study of motion at the level of the atom or smaller is the domain of quantum mechanics.

notes for mechanics

The basic laws of mechanics are Newton's laws of motion.
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