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[verb mee-dee-eyt; adjective mee-dee-it]
verb (used with object), me·di·at·ed, me·di·at·ing.
  1. to settle (disputes, strikes, etc.) as an intermediary between parties; reconcile.
  2. to bring about (an agreement, accord, truce, peace, etc.) as an intermediary between parties by compromise, reconciliation, removal of misunderstanding, etc.
  3. to effect (a result) or convey (a message, gift, etc.) by or as if by an intermediary.
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verb (used without object), me·di·at·ed, me·di·at·ing.
  1. to act between parties to effect an agreement, compromise, reconciliation, etc.
  2. to occupy an intermediate place or position.
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  1. acting through, dependent on, or involving an intermediate agency; not direct or immediate.
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Origin of mediate

1375–1425; late Middle English < Late Latin mediātus, past participle of mediāre to be in the middle, intercede. See medium, -ate1
Related formsme·di·ate·ly, adverbme·di·ate·ness, nounre·me·di·ate, verb (used with object), re·me·di·at·ed, re·me·di·at·ing.self-me·di·at·ing, adjectiveun·me·di·at·ed, adjectiveun·me·di·at·ing, adjective


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Examples from the Web for mediately

Historical Examples

  • It was the first line im- mediately above what you did quote.

    The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 5 (of 12)

    Robert G. Ingersoll

  • There are much wider things for which his school is only mediately or not at all to blame.

  • The first suggestion of it never came from me, mediately or immediately, to his Majesty or any of his ministers.

  • Vegetation being directly or mediately the food of animals, it must have had a previous existence.

  • It acts only mediately upon everything outside of the visible organism.

    Mysterious Psychic Forces

    Camille Flammarion

British Dictionary definitions for mediately


verb (ˈmiːdɪˌeɪt)
  1. (intr; usually foll by between or in) to intervene (between parties or in a dispute) in order to bring about agreement
  2. to bring about (an agreement)
  3. to bring about (an agreement) between parties in a dispute
  4. to resolve (differences) by mediation
  5. (intr) to be in a middle or intermediate position
  6. (tr) to serve as a medium for causing (a result) or transferring (objects, information, etc)
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adjective (ˈmiːdɪɪt)
  1. occurring as a result of or dependent upon mediation
  2. a rare word for intermediate
  3. logic (of an inference) having more than one premise, esp, being syllogistic in form
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Derived Formsmediately, adverbmediateness, nounmediative, mediatory or mediatorial, adjectivemediator, nounmediatorially, adverb

Word Origin

C16: from Late Latin mediāre to be in the middle
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Word Origin and History for mediately



1540s, "divide in two equal parts," probably a back-formation from mediation or mediator, or else from Latin mediatus, past participle of mediare. Meaning "act as a mediator" is from 1610s; that of "settle by mediation" is from 1560s. Related: Mediated, mediates, mediating.

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mediately in Medicine


  1. To effect or convey as an intermediate agent or mechanism.
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  1. Being in a middle position.
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mediately in Science


  1. To effect or convey a force between subatomic particles. The gauge bosons, for example, mediate the four fundamental forces of nature.
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