medicine dropper

[ med-uh-sin drop-er ]


  1. a dropper, often one used to dispense medicine:

    Empty the measured dose from the medicine dropper into a small glass of water, milk, or juice.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of medicine dropper1

First recorded in 1800–10

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Example Sentences

An easy way to put varnish in the grooves of a tennis racket is to use a medicine dropper.

A medicine dropper, minus the rubber part, attached to a fountain syringe, makes a good nozzle for this purpose.

I shall drop this with a medicine-dropper, which can be procured at a trifling cost at any pharmacy.

The eyes are washed daily by dropping saturated solution of boracic acid into each eye with a medicine dropper.

Procure a medicine dropper from a druggist, and attach it to the faucet end with a short piece of rubber tubing.


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