[ meg-uh-loh-mey-nee-ak ]
/ ˌmɛg ə loʊˈmeɪ niˌæk /


a person afflicted with megalomania.


Also meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a·cal [meg-uh-loh-muh-nahy-uh-kuh l] /ˌmɛg ə loʊ məˈnaɪ ə kəl/, meg·a·lo·man·ic [meg-uh-loh-man-ik] /ˌmɛg ə loʊˈmæn ɪk/. of, relating to, or suggesting megalomania or a person who is afflicted with it.

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Origin of megalomaniac

First recorded in 1885–90; megalo- + maniac Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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1882 (n.), 1883 (adj.), from megalomania (q.v.).

The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men of history. [Bertrand Russell, "The Conquest of Happiness"]
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