[ men-stroo-uh m, -struh m ]
/ ˈmɛn stru əm, -strəm /

noun, plural men·stru·ums, men·stru·a [men-stroo-uh, -struh] /ˈmɛn stru ə, -strə/.

a solvent.

Origin of menstruum

1350–1400; special use of Middle English menstruum monthly period < Medieval Latin (in L only plural mēnstrua occurs). See menstrual Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for menstruum

/ (ˈmɛnstrʊəm) /

noun plural -struums or -strua (-strʊə) obsolete

a solvent, esp one used in the preparation of a drug
a solid formulation of a drug

Word Origin for menstruum

C17 (meaning: solvent), C14 (menstrual discharge): from Medieval Latin, from Latin mēnstruus monthly, from mēnsis month; from an alchemical comparison between a base metal being transmuted into gold and the supposed action of the menses
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Medical definitions for menstruum

[ mĕnstrōō-əm ]

n. pl. men•stru•ums

A solvent, especially one used in extracting compounds from plant and animal tissues and preparing drugs.
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