[ men-shuh-rey-shuhn, -suh- ]
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  1. the branch of geometry that deals with the measurement of length, area, or volume.

  2. the act or process of measuring.

Origin of mensuration

1565–75; <Late Latin mēnsūrātiōn- (stem of mēnsūrātiō) a measuring. See measure, -ation

Other words from mensuration

  • men·su·ra·tion·al, adjective

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How to use mensuration in a sentence

  • While thus engaged, he managed to attend an evening class occasionally, and made an attempt at learning Latin and mensuration.

    Robert Moffat | David J. Deane
  • As to mensuration, which is an actualization of measure, in respect of the measured object, it consists in a reason.

    Plotinos: Complete Works, v. 3 | Plotinos (Plotinus)
  • Still more important than Wordsworth, or the eminent authors, Burke and Hare, was the art and science of mensuration.

    Kim | Rudyard Kipling
  • All these elements of mensuration within the crystal Hay thought could be indicated by rational coefficients.

  • They are discovered by mensuration, and they are the objects of mathematical inquiry.

British Dictionary definitions for mensuration


/ (ˌmɛnʃəˈreɪʃən) /

  1. the study of the measurement of geometric magnitudes such as length

  2. the act or process of measuring; measurement

Derived forms of mensuration

  • mensurational, adjective
  • mensurative (ˈmɛnʃərətɪv), adjective

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