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Midas touch


  1. the ability to turn any business venture one is associated with into an extremely profitable one.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Midas touch1

First recorded in 1880–85; Midas

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Example Sentences

Despite a hugely profitable year, Goldman Sachs has lost its Midas touch as the premier investment bank.

With Lawrence's Midas touch the corporation would also realize millions in profits if the deal went through.


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More About Midas Touch

What does Midas touch mean?

Midas touch is the ability to turn any business into a profitable one, as in The CEO had the Midas touch, managing to turn the business into a highly successful company. 

A person who always seems to be able to make anything into a success is said to have the Midas touch, as in Kathy must have the Midas touch because her team wins every game she plays in. The phrase is almost always meant as glowing praise or a big compliment.

Example: Jake would need the Midas touch to turn the failing business into a success.

Where does Midas touch come from?

The first records of the phrase Midas touch come from around 1880.  It is a reference to the Greek mythology figure King Midas, who was given the ability to turn anything into gold just by touching it. A person who has the Midas touch can figuratively turn anything they touch into a success. The phrase ignores the fact that King Midas eventually saw his power as a curse.

Midas touch is used to mean a person is so successful at anything they do that it seems like a superpower or a blessing. Usually, Midas touch is used to mean someone is good at making money, helping businesses make money, or creating things that make a lot of money.

However, Midas touch is also used to describe success in general, such as a coach who leads multiple championship teams or artists who seem to always make masterpieces. The musician Drake, for example, claims to have the Midas touch in his 2015 song “Back to Back.”  Given Drake’s massive success and ability to sell more digital singles than anyone else, it is hard to argue with his claim.

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How is Midas touch used in real life?

Midas touch is used to describe very successful people in a wide variety of fields or businesses.



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Analysts say the young executive has the Midas touch because every company she was part of became a huge success.