Midgard serpent


noun Scandinavian Mythology.

a serpent, the child of Loki and Angerboda, who lies wrapped around the world, tail in mouth, and is destined to kill and to be killed by Thor at Ragnarok; Jormungand.

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Historical Examples of midgard serpent

  • It was in reality the Midgard-serpent, which surrounds all lands.

  • Then said Hymer that they had come so far out that it was dangerous to stay there, for the Midgard-serpent.

  • Thither repair also the Fenris-wolf and the Midgard-serpent.

  • A giant with whom Thor went fishing when he caught the Midgard-serpent.

  • The sea rushes over the earth, for the Midgard-serpent writhes in giant rage and seeks to gain the land.