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  1. of the length of a midiskirt.

Origin of midi

extracted from midiskirt


  1. the south of France.

Origin of Midi

< French: midday, south; Old French, equivalent to mi- middle, half (< Latin medius; see mid1) + di day (< Latin diem, accusative of diēs)


  1. Musical Instrument Digital Interface: a standard means of sending digitally encoded information about music between electronic devices, as between synthesizers and computers.
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Historical Examples of midi

  • Yet even for her the sea could not always be calm, or the skies of the Midi and the Riviera blue.


    Stephen French Whitman

  • He was born in the Midi, as they call the southern part of France.

  • If you have travelled in the Midi you have seen it, and you are to see it again now.

    The Nabob

    Alphonse Daudet

  • They're talkers, you know, in the Midi, and they tell of what they've done.

    "Fin Tireur"

    Robert Hichens

  • She stopped in her swift flight to him through the dusk of the Midi garden.

    The Wind Bloweth

    Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne

British Dictionary definitions for midi


    1. (of a skirt, coat, etc) reaching to below the knee or midcalf
    2. (as noun)she wore her new midi

Word Origin for midi

C20: from mid-; on the model of maxi and mini


  1. the south of France
  2. Canal du Midi a canal in S France, extending from the River Garonne at Toulouse to the Mediterranean at Sète and providing a link between the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts: built between 1666 and 1681. Length: 181 km (150 miles)


  1. (modifier) a generally accepted specification for the external control of electronic musical instrumentsa MIDI synthesizer; a MIDI system

Word Origin for MIDI

C20: from m (usical) i (nstrument) d (igital) i (nterface)
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Word Origin and History for midi


"southern France," 1883, from French midi "south," literally "midday" (12c.), from mi "middle" (from Latin medius "middle;" see medial (adj.)) + di "day" (from Latin dies; see diurnal). Also cf. meridian.


1983, acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

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