[ mid-lahyn ]


  1. Zoology. the median plane of the body of an animal.
  2. Geometry. midsegment.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of midline1

First recorded in 1865–70; mid- + line 1
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Example Sentences

He had concerning neurological symptoms as well as a midline shift due to bleeding in the brain—when the brain is pushed off-center due to uneven pressure in the skull.

Using your triceps and the muscles behind your shoulder near your armpit, pull back against the band, moving your whole arm straight behind you, past the midline of your trunk.

Bend that arm to row the weight up beneath your shoulder, then extend your arm back, behind the midline of your trunk.

The track is directed strongly towards the midline of this creature’s foot, indicating that the dinosaur’s steps rotate inwards, a feature that isn’t typically seen among predatory dinosaurs.

She chokes up midline — which is the line Bioware went with in-game — and there’s a great reason for that.

Immediately behind the hump is a series of knuckles or crenulations along the midline.

The single blowhole is located well to the left of the midline and far forward on the head.

Third vertebral scute: Length of anterior margin, 33; greatest width, 42; length at midline, 40 (estimated).

The pectoro-abdominal suture is anteriorly convex at the sides and concave at the midline.

Nuchal: Width of anterior margin, 12 (estimated); greatest width, 37 (estimated); length at midline, 35 (estimated).





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