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[ mid-toun, -toun ]


  1. the middle part of a city or town between uptown and downtown.


  1. of, relating to, or situated in this part:

    a midtown restaurant.


  1. to or in this part:

    She works midtown.


/ ˈmɪdˌtaʊn /


  1. the centre of a town See also downtown uptown

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Word History and Origins

Origin of midtown1

First recorded in 1930–35; mid- + town

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Example Sentences

The real juice belongs in the midtown Manhattan headquarters where the “Big Four” commissioners rule over billion-dollar television deals.

Dominicans from the Bronx and Washington Heights started coming to Los Siete Lagos in the 1970s, at first on a Hudson River Day Liner from midtown Manhattan.

From Eater

So there’s losing some tax base there, but it’s complicated by the fact that big firms are discovering that business can be done without necessarily having multibillion-dollar leases in midtown skyscrapers.

Among them is the New York and Miami-based digital marketing firm Socialfly, which, after going fully remote last March, needed to make use of its main office space in midtown Manhattan.

From Digiday

In February, she started riding the subway to midtown Manhattan to take a class for first-time candidates.

He swiped one of them to get from midtown Manhattan to Brooklyn.

His home base is Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Midtown Manhattan.

I met the 38-year-old actor/filmmaker at a bar in Midtown Manhattan to discuss his myriad projects over some Scotch.

And what about concerns that the hotels of Midtown are too far away from the Barclays Center?

When you talk about midtown Manhattan as being a commercial backwater, I find it mind boggling.

You immobilize the elevators—think what that would mean in lower and midtown Manhattan alone.

Muldoon hated the pirate prices of midtown parking lots, and so was late.

A few of them knew that Pete was the bell-captain in one of the big midtown hotels.


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