[ milk-sop ]
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  1. a weak or ineffectual person.

Origin of milksop

1350–1400; Middle English. See milk, sop

Other words for milksop

Other words from milksop

  • milksopism, noun
  • milksoppy, milksopping, adjective

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How to use milksop in a sentence

  • Luckily the third in command, Lieutenant Heady, was no milksop.

    Old Farm Fairies: | Henry Christopher McCook
  • As may be supposed, no one after this ventured to call Ellis a milksop, or to speak disparagingly of him in any other way.

    The Ferryman of Brill | William H. G. Kingston
  • "Why, it would take a little pink milksop like Bertha Parkes to wear such colors as those," she said behind his back one day.

    The Annals of Ann | Kate Trimble Sharber
  • Wiser boys called me a milksop and various other names, which I furiously resented yet inwardly recognized as just.

    The Heather-Moon | C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  • Master Stewart might be a milksop, but Crispin accounted him leastways honest, and had a kindness for him in spite of all.

    The Tavern Knight | Rafael Sabatini

British Dictionary definitions for milksop


/ (ˈmɪlkˌsɒp) /

  1. a feeble or ineffectual man or youth

  2. British a dish of bread soaked in warm milk, given esp to infants and invalids

Derived forms of milksop

  • milksoppy or milksopping, adjective
  • milksopism, noun

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