verb (used with object), sopped, sop·ping.

verb (used without object), sopped, sop·ping.

to be or become soaking wet.
(of a liquid) to soak (usually followed by in).

Origin of sop

before 1000; (noun) Middle English; Old English sopp; cognate with Old Norse soppa; (v.) Old English soppian, derivative of the noun (not recorded in ME). See sup2

Synonyms for sop


or S.O.P.

Standard Operating Procedure; Standing Operating Procedure.

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Related Words for sop

dunk, milksop, saturate, weakling, soak, absorb, wet, steep, douse, bribe, dip

Examples from the Web for sop

Contemporary Examples of sop

Historical Examples of sop

  • Time was when you all pulled the one way, and a sop to the Pope pleased you all.

    Lord Kilgobbin

    Charles Lever

  • Judas that he was, he took her sop, and then sold her for thirty pieces of silver.

    Little Novels of Italy

    Maurice Henry Hewlett

  • This man—this alleged brother, threw him a sop, insulted him by offering him charity.

    The Mask

    Arthur Hornblow

  • That was one sop to conscience when I remembered that she was a wife.

    Desert Dust

    Edwin L. Sabin

  • To-morrow he will be throwing some sop of reform to the people, and it will be too late for a Republic.


    Oscar Wilde

British Dictionary definitions for sop



(often plural) food soaked in a liquid before being eaten
a concession, bribe, etc, given to placate or mollifya sop to one's feelings
informal a stupid or weak person

verb sops, sopping or sopped

(tr) to dip or soak (food) in liquid
(when intr, often foll by in) to soak or be soaked
See also sop up

Word Origin for sop

Old English sopp; related to Old Norse soppa soup, Old High German sopfa milk with bread; see sup ²


abbreviation for

standard operating procedure


abbreviation for

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Word Origin and History for sop

Old English sopp- "bread soaked in some liquid," (in soppcuppe "cup into which sops are put"), from Proto-Germanic *supp-, related to Old English verb suppan (see sup (v.2)), probably reinforced by Old French soupe (see soup (n.)). Meaning "something given to appease" is from 1660s, a reference to the sops given by the Sibyl to Cerberus in the "Aeneid."


Old English soppian, from the source of sop (n.). Related: Sopped; sopping.

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