[ mi-len-ee-uhm ]
/ m瑟藞l蓻n i 蓹m /
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noun, plural mil路len路ni路ums, mil路len路ni路a [mi-len-ee-uh]. /m瑟藞l蓻n i 蓹/.
a period of 1,000 years: This great stone monument has seen it all鈥攈ardship, plenty, and everything in between鈥攐ver a millennium and a half.
the year 2000, or the turn of the 21st century:In 1995, approaching the millennium, the city covered nearly 67,000 acres and had a population of over 1 million.
the millennium, Christianity. the period of 1,000 years during which Christ will reign on earth, as an interpretation of a vision set forth by the apostle John in the book of Revelation.Also the Millennium .
a period of general righteousness and happiness, especially in the indefinite future.
a thousandth anniversary.
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Origin of millennium

First recorded in 1630鈥40; from New Latin, equivalent to Latin mill(e) 鈥渁 thousand鈥 + -ennium, extracted from biennium, triennium, etc.
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British Dictionary definitions for millennium

/ (m瑟藞l蓻n瑟蓹m) /

noun plural -nia (-n瑟蓹) or -niums
the millennium Christianity the period of a thousand years of Christ's awaited reign upon earth
a period or cycle of one thousand years
a time of peace and happiness, esp in the distant future
a thousandth anniversary

Derived forms of millennium

millennial, adjectivemillennialist, nounmillennially, adverb

Word Origin for millennium

C17: from New Latin, from Latin mille thousand + annus year; for form, compare quadrennium
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Cultural definitions for millennium


A period of a thousand years foretold in the Book of Revelation. During the millennium, those who have been faithful to Jesus and who have not worshiped the Antichrist will reign with Jesus over the Earth. According to the Book of Revelation, the millennium will precede the final battle for control of the universe; Judgment Day will come afterward.

notes for millennium

The meaning of the Bible's (see also Bible) words about the millennium has been much debated by Christians (see also Christian). Prophecies about the millennium are part of the basic doctrine of several denominations, including Jehovah's Witnesses.

notes for millennium

Figuratively, a 鈥渕illennium鈥 is a period of great justice and happiness on Earth.
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