[ mil-yuhnth ]


  1. coming last in a series of a million.
  2. being one of a million equal parts.


  1. the millionth member of a series.
  2. a millionth part, especially of one (1/1,000,000).


/ ˈmɪljənθ /


    1. one of 1 000 000 approximately equal parts of something
    2. ( as modifier )

      a millionth part

  1. one of 1 000 000 equal divisions of a particular scientific quantity micro-
  2. the fraction equal to one divided by 1 000 000


  1. usually prenominal
    1. being the ordinal number of 1 000 000 in numbering or counting order, etc
    2. ( as noun )

      the millionth to be manufactured

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Word History and Origins

Origin of millionth1

First recorded in 1665–75; million + -th 2
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Example Sentences

That’s nearly a millionth of the thickness of regular office paper.

If they’re right, it could be a look back into the very earliest flickers of time—what the universe looked like in the first millionth of a second after the Big Bang.

She’ll have the last laugh, and its sound will echo long after the last tweet earns its millionth like.

From Time

Smaller than a sesame seed, the bit of brain was about a millionth of an entire brain’s volume.

Either way, the timescales for technological advances are an instant compared to the timescales of the Darwinian evolution that led to humanity’s emergence—and more relevantly, less than a millionth of the vast expanses of cosmic time ahead.

And a milestone: we may have prevented the one millionth baby from being infected with HIV.

The one-millionth phone recycled with an ecoATM was processed in April.

In July, 2012, he awarded a house to his three-millionth Twitter follower.

For the millionth time the picture served to show how mesmerizingly crisp Obama always looks.

And then I thought for the millionth time what an awful mistake it is to be fastidious.

The ninety-five millionth mile waits on us silently, at the doorways of our souls night and day, and we wait on It.

This calculation took about one-millionth of a second, and I plunged for the gate, "like a pawing horse let go."

Mr. Rockefeller does not use the oil-wells he owns, nor a hundred-millionth part of the coal his shares in coal-mines represent.

They will make a good man, but they will not make a good painter,—no, nor the millionth part of a painter.