[ mahyn-feeld ]


  1. Military, Naval. an area of land or water throughout which explosive mines have been laid.
  2. a situation fraught with potential problems or dangers:

    Businesses face an ethical minefield when they operate internationally.


/ ˈmaɪnˌfiːld /


  1. an area of ground or water containing explosive mines
  2. a subject, situation, etc, beset with hidden problems

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Word History and Origins

Origin of minefield1

First recorded in 1885–90; mine 2 + field

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Example Sentences

Although some states have passed more stringent regulations protecting the privacy of individuals’ biometrics, having state-by-state regulations can be a minefield for teams and athletes.

Those pressures have led to a minefield of terms and conditions that vary by carrier.

From Fortune

Setting the right carbon price is a minefield of assumptions.

From Quartz

Indeed, this topic will likely become an ethical minefield in the coming years.

For a company like Zoom, education is a particularly tricky minefield to navigate.

From Time

Of course, the issue of authenticity in hip-hop is already a complicated minefield for up and coming artists.

For officials like Brohi, pursuing the drug traffickers in Turbat would mean crossing a political minefield.

I looked around and I saw everyone looking at me; I was in the minefield next to a mine.

Swimsuit season is now as much of a nightmare minefield for men as it is for women.

It also takes place near a minefield of rocks, is a hangout spot for sharks, and breaks on a reef.

E 21 dived to 130 feet to pass under the minefield which guards the "narrows," and went through by compass and dead reckoning.

He enlarged the minefield north of Heligoland, and gathered there a large force of submarines.

Under such conditions the position of the minefield would be known to the enemy.

In the case of a convoy encountering a minefield, as in the case of a fleet, several ships may be sunk practically simultaneously.

If ships are sailing singly a minefield will in all probability sink only one vessel—the first ship entering it.





Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lordminehunter