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[min-uh m]
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  1. the smallest unit of liquid measure, 1/60 (0.0167) of a fluid dram, roughly equivalent to one drop. Abbreviation: min, min.; Symbol: ♍, ♏
  2. Music. a note, formerly the shortest in use, but now equivalent in time value to one half of a semibreve; half note.
  3. the least quantity of anything.
  4. something very small or insignificant.
  5. (initial capital letter) a member of a mendicant religious order founded in the 15th century by St. Francis of Paola.
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  1. smallest.
  2. very small.
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Origin of minim

1400–50; late Middle English < Medieval Latin, Latin minimus; as musical term, < Medieval Latin (nota) minima; see minimum
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  1. a unit of fluid measure equal to one sixtieth of a drachm. It is approximately equal to one dropSymbol: M,
  2. music a note having the time value of half a semibreveUsual US and Canadian name: half-note
  3. a small or insignificant person or thing
  4. a downward stroke in calligraphy
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  1. rare very small; tiny
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Word Origin for minim

C15 (in its musical meaning): from Latin minimus smallest
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Word Origin and History for minim


mid-15c., in music, from Latin minimus "smallest, least; minute, trifling, insignificant;" of time, "least, shortest, very short;" of age, "youngest;" as a noun, "least price, lowest price" (see minimum). Calligraphy sense is from c.1600.

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minim in Medicine


  1. In the United States, a unit of volume equal to 160 of a fluid dram, or 0.0616 milliliters.
  2. In Great Britain, 120 of a scruple, or 0.0592 milliliters.
  3. The smallest or the least of several similar structures.
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