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[ mis-lee-ding ]


  1. deceptive; tending to mislead.

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Other Words From

  • mis·leading·ly adverb
  • mis·leading·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of misleading1

First recorded in 1630–40; mislead + -ing 2
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Example Sentences

With that background, let’s quickly spin through the misleading video, with sections in the ad highlighted in bold.

Hindenburg Research, a short seller whose report sent Nikola shares tumbling last week, made false and misleading statements that were designed to manipulate the market, Nikola said Monday.

From Fortune

The first night of the RNC featured more false and misleading claims than all four nights of the DNC put together, according to a CNN fact-check.

From Vox

All four of those claims are either misleading or incorrect.

Adding to the confusion, some purifiers may be advertised as having “HEPA type” filters, which could be misleading, since these may not be as effective as a true HEPA filters.

From Fortune

Cold War fears could be manipulated through misleading art to attract readers to daunting material.

Closed courthouses, rogue clerks, and misleading statements from the attorney general as Florida welcomes same-sex marriage.

“Lying is intentionally, intentionally misleading someone, all right,” he told Newsmax.

The new headline number for American wine drinking is, for example, easily turned into another misleading statistic.

As David Leonhardt points out in The New York Times, these averages can be misleading.

Any comparison based on expenditure per gun must therefore be misleading.

In the morning, two Scots trumpeters, who had been left to blow misleading blasts, were brought into camp.

This ignorance was far more confusing and even misleading than it had been when its proportions were less defined.

Indiscriminately employed, it is worse than useless—it can be confusing or actually misleading.

The expression, besides, is misleading, and you will do well to study up the subject first on straight lines.