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[ mis-led ]


  1. wrongly led, guided, or informed:

    He's not a bad writer, just terribly misled about his strengths.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of mislead.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of misled1

First recorded before 1000

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Example Sentences

Wisner continues to feel angry toward the agency because she believes she was misled.

All I had in those days was a monstrous lack of ego which therefore required huge injections of actorly ego and misled people.

The president came to believe Shamir misled him on the settlement issue, or flat-out lied to him.

“He and we have been misled in trying [Cruise] on as a hero, a kind of superman,” he recently wrote.

“I strongly regret that left the Senators with the impression that I deliberately misled them,” he said.

Pausing at the threshold before opening the door, the sonorous mumble sounding through the deal panels misled me.

The local name "Geai" may perhaps have misled him as to the occasional appearance of the Jay.

Men misled one another with false information, occasionally came to blows, and drank deeply when time and opportunity offered.

Nor does misdescription of the note vitiate the notice unless the party to whom the notice is given is in fact misled thereby.

Monsieur has been somewhat misled, it would seem, by his friend who was witty at my expense and inclined to exaggerate.


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