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[ mis-rep-ri-zen-tey-shuhn ]


  1. the act or state of being represented incorrectly, improperly, falsely, or unsatisfactorily:

    Your degree may be revoked if fraud, misrepresentation, or other violations of university standards are found to have occurred.

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  • pre·mis·rep·re·sen·ta·tion noun

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Example Sentences

The FTC also said Zoom misrepresented its handling of recorded calls saved to its cloud service.

From Fortune

He said that the women did receive support from the organization and that the nonprofit never misrepresented its mission.

What alarmed Topol and other critics is that Hahn played along and badly misrepresented the facts, saying plasma transfusions would save 35 out of 100 covid-19 patients.

A deputy of Cetron’s lamented to the agency’s chief of staff that the order cited a “misrepresented and incomplete piece of data” to overstate the threat.

A Maine company fired Moffo after less than a month as a welder when administrators discovered that he had misrepresented his work experience and not fully disclosed his criminal record, according to the company’s responses to the complaint.

To refer to these nights of protest as clashes with police would be a misrepresentation of the situation.

In his article, Robert Cherry begins with a misrepresentation.

Criticism is one thing, and that's always fair game, but outright misrepresentation is indefensible.

Debate, as we saw last Wednesday night, sometimes over-rewards the glib one-liner, or incentivizes stubborn misrepresentation.

Such a concerted campaign of misrepresentation will be hard to chalk up to the actions of a few rogue police officers.

When this is done a misrepresentation constitutes a breach of warranty and the contract becomes void.

Great error and misrepresentation, his lordship said, prevailed on this subject throughout the country.

If I seem to have posed before you as a noble-minded philanthropist, I have been guilty of careless misrepresentation.

If, on the other hand, he is governed by commercial considerations only, the misrepresentation will probably be perpetuated.

Duplicity and misrepresentation are not confined to patent medicines.