[ mith-ruh-iz-uhm ]

  1. an ancient Persian religion in which Mithras was worshiped, involving secret rituals to which only men were admitted: a major competitor of Christianity in the Roman empire during the 2nd and 3rd centuries a.d.

Origin of Mithraism

  • Also Mith·ra·i·cism [mith-rey-uh-siz-uhm]. /mɪθˈreɪ əˌsɪz əm/.

Other words from Mithraism

  • Mith·ra·ic [mith-rey-ik], /mɪθˈreɪ ɪk/, Mith·ra·is·tic, adjective
  • Mith·ra·ist, noun

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Mithraicism (mɪθˈreɪɪˌsɪzəm)

/ (ˈmɪθreɪˌɪzəm) /

  1. the ancient Persian religion of Mithras. It spread to the Roman Empire during the first three centuries ad

Derived forms of Mithraism

  • Mithraic (mɪθˈreɪɪk) or Mithraistic, adjective
  • Mithraist, noun, adjective

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