[ myawl-nir ]
/ ˈmyɔl nɪr /
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noun Scandinavian Mythology.
the hammer of Thor, used as a weapon against the Jotuns, heard as thunder by humans.
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Origin of Mjolnir

From Old Norse Mjǫllnir, akin to Old Church Slavonic mlĭniji, Russian mólniya, Old Prussian mealde “lightning,” Latvian milna “hammer of the thunder god”

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What does Mjolnir mean?

Mjolnir is the hammer wielded by Thor, the Norse god of thunder, rain, and farming.

Mjolnir is Thor’s iconic weapon and he rarely is seen without it in modern depictions. Although its exact appearance changes, it is always depicted as being small enough to be used in one hand.

According to mythology, Mjolnir was forged by dwarves and had a number of magical abilities. In Norse mythology, Thor used Mjolnir to defend Asgard (the home of the gods) from evil giants, known as Jotun. It was said Mjolnir would return to Thor like a boomerang if thrown.

According to myth, Thor also used Mjolnir as a weapon. He also used it to give his blessing to mortals, and Mjolnir was said to have holy powers that could shield people from harm.

Example: Mighty Thor smashed the giants to pieces using Mjolnir.

Where does Mjolnir come from?

The English Mjolnir comes from the Old Norse name for Thor’s hammer, Mjǫllnir. Mjǫllnir is related to the Old Prussian mealde, meaning “lightning,” and the Latvian milna, meaning “hammer of the thunder god.”

As far as mythical weapons go, only King Arthur’s Excalibur comes close to the fame of Thor’s Mjolnir. While the weapon certainly had widespread fame by followers of the Norse religion, Mjolnir’s modern fame is largely due to Thor’s appearance in many works of popular culture. In particular, Mjolnir is wielded by the superhero version of Thor as depicted by Disney’s Marvel Entertainment.

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How is Mjolnir used in real life?

Thanks to depictions of Thor in popular culture, many people know that his hammer is named Mjolnir (even if they can’t pronounce it).

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In Norse mythology, Mjolnir is the name of the axe wielded by Thor.

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  • He is the patron of countrymen, slow of speech and wit, if quick to strike with his hammer Mjolnir.