modulus of elasticity

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noun Physics.

any of several coefficients of elasticity of a body, expressing the ratio between a stress or force per unit area that acts to deform the body and the corresponding fractional deformation caused by the stress.



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Origin of modulus of elasticity

First recorded in 1800–10

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British Dictionary definitions for modulus of elasticity

modulus of elasticity


the ratio of the stress applied to a body or substance to the resulting strain within the elastic limitAlso called: elastic modulus See also Young's modulus, bulk modulus, modulus of rigidity
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Scientific definitions for modulus of elasticity

modulus of elasticity

The ratio of the stress applied to a body to the strain that results in the body in response to it. The modulus of elasticity of a material is a measure of its stiffness and for most materials remains constant over a range of stress.♦ The ratio of the longitudinal strain to the longitudinal stress is called Young's modulus.♦ The ratio of the stress on the body to the body's fractional decrease in volume is the bulk modulus.♦ The ratio of the tangential force per unit area to the angular deformation in radians is the shear modulus. See also Hooke's law.
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