[ moh-har-uhm ]


/ məʊˈhærəm /


  1. a variant of Muharram

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Moharram1

First recorded in 1605–15, Moharram is from the Arabic word muḥarram literally, forbidden

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Example Sentences

Moharram, mo-har′am, n. the first month of the Mohammedan year: the great fast held during the first ten days of this month.


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More About Moharram

What is Moharram?

Moharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It’s also spelled Muharram.

It is one of the months of the Islamic calendar that Muslims consider sacred.

The first day of Moharram is the first day of the Islamic New Year.

The tenth day of Moharram is Ashura, which is an important day for both Sunni and Shiʿite Muslims.

When is Moharram?

In 2023, Moharram will coincide with the period from July 19 to August 16.

In 2024, Moharram will coincide with the period from July 7 to August 4.

Because the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, the dates during which it is observed vary from year to year.

More information and context on Moharram

The first records of the word Moharram in English come from the early 1600s. It comes from an Arabic word that means “sacred” or “forbidden”—it is considered a sacred month during which some actions are forbidden.

In the Islamic calendar, Moharram begins the year, following the 12th and final month of the calendar, known as Dhu’l-hijjah, which is the month during which the Muslim pilgrimage known as Hajj takes place. The month after Moharram is Safar.

During Moharram, it is said that actions both good and bad carry more weight than they would in other months. Historically, fighting and warfare were forbidden during Moharram, so that pilgrims who were performing Hajj could return safely. It’s considered good to fast as much as possible during Moharram, but fasting throughout the entire month is not required like it is during the month of Ramadan. It’s believed to be especially good to fast on the Day of Ashura, which is observed differently by Sunni and Shiʿite Muslims. They also observe the month in different ways.

For Sunni Muslims, Moharram is seen as a period of peace and reflection. For Shia Muslims, it is a time of solemn reflection and mourning. Shia Muslims observe Ashura as the commemoration of the death of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Hussein Ibn Ali, in 680 c.e., during the Battle of Karbala. Many Shia Muslims perform mourning rituals during this time.

During Moharram, it is common for all Muslims to fast at different times of the month and to spend more time at their mosques.

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How is Moharram discussed in real life?

In Islam, Moharram is considered a sacred month during which it’s important to act uprightly.

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Because the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, the dates of Moharram change each year.




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