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[ mohl-dee ]


, mold·i·er, mold·i·est.
  1. overgrown or covered with mold.
  2. musty, as from decay or age.
  3. Informal. old-fashioned; outmoded:

    moldy ideas about higher education.


/ ˈməʊldɪ /


  1. the US spelling of mouldy
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Derived Forms

  • ˈmoldiness, noun
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Other Words From

  • moldi·ness noun
  • un·moldy adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of moldy1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; mold 2, -y 1
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Example Sentences

Retailers share that items in their inventory would arrive damp and moldy.

From Time

You DO call a company that will immediately come out, rip out wet or moldy drywall, any part of the house that is affected by the water damage, and install fans to help the situation dry out.

Labs have been caught inflating THC potency levels, passing moldy cannabis as safe, and even making up results entirely.

When it became a homeless shelter, she would visit with her church group and hear residents’ complaints about the rodents and moldy food.

Hair that’s sent wet becomes too moldy, and sometimes hair is just too damaged from treatments.

Many say they became sick after eating the frozen or moldy food the CBP officials gave them.

I try not to let more than four or five moldy cores accumulate in my car at a time.

And like many of you, we have watched, dismayed, as our room-sized hunk of Manchego went moldy.

Mamiverse attacks another moldy conflation: that of “Latino” and “Spanish speaker.”

That educated lingo is used to sweeten biscuits so moldy no one should be expected to swallow them.

They will quickly dry in this manner and will not become moldy, as the blotter soaks up the moisture.

The bread was moldy and the beef too tough even for well men to eat.

Moldy food, if heated after removing surface on which the mold grew, is perfectly good to eat.

Like an old lover who discovers a moldy package of amorous epistles, Don Custodio arose and approached the desk.

A little mosque sprouted from a nest of palms, like a moldy turnip trying to grow the wrong way.


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