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[ mom-ee ]


, Informal.
, plural mom·mies.
  1. a diminutive of mom.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mommy1

First recorded in 1900–05, Americanism; momm(a) + -y 2. mammy, mummy 2

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Example Sentences

This is a system that benefits people of means, who can have mommy and daddy kick in while they spend some time getting experience in Congress.

Sometimes I do grown-up workouts with my mommy and daddy, so I’m super strong.

From Time

“Workin’ Moms,” a Canadian Netflix comedy starring and created by Catherine Reitman, is a rare view of young mothers who value their careers as much — at moments more — than their roles as baby mommy.

For children, not having a mommy to pick you up from school is embarrassing and makes you the odd one.

The “Megatron” rapper revealed a collection of photos of her baby boy, who shares a striking resemblance to his mommy.

Now Nick Jonas, freshly 22 years old and leaving his days as a mommy-approved Jonas Brothers crooner behind, is following suit.

The mommy wars over how to ‘correctly’ birth a baby need to stop.

Imagine a conversation that goes: “Mommy, why did they start bringing in things beyond the test to decide who goes to Stuyvesant?”

And yet, the media has focused on the fact that she is a ‘mommy blogger.’

The news media has conflated all of her alleged social media engagement into one fraught phrase: “mommy blogging.”

I wanted to take that little boy aside and tell him: 'Son, your Mommy doesn't have to play the horses.

Almost every day I do something that mommy says is bad even when I try specially to be good.

Daddy isn't afraid of me the way mommy is and he is nice to me most times, so I said all right if you say so.

Then mommy stamped her foot hard and said Jimmy you come down here this minute.

But mommy never takes me for walks and when we are alone she is busy and she isn't nice to me.


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