mon cher

[ mawn sher ]

  1. (referring to a man or boy) my dear.

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Example Sentences

I saw that the kind Empress was deeply moved, and turning to me she said, "Mon Cher, this is one of the happiest days of my life."


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More About Mon Cher

What does mon cher mean?

Mon cher is a French phrase meaning “my dear,” as in It was a big moment in their relationship when Daphne called her new boyfriend “mon cher.”

In English, mon translates to my and cher translates to dear, meaning a person who is loved. Mon cher is a typical French expression of endearment or love toward men. Its counterpart, typically used when addressing a woman someone loves, is ma chère. It too means my dear.

Ma chère and mon cher are used in English-language pop culture as a romantic expression of love, especially when spoofing French people or when a character with a French accent is speaking to a woman.

Example: What’s the matter, mon cher?

Where does mon cher come from?

The first records of the term mon cher in English come from around the 1670s. It is a French phrase meaning “my dear.”

Although they aren’t always used romantically, mon cher and ma chère are most commonly adopted into English as terms expressing affection or love. Unlike in English, French terms of endearment and relationships have several levels, with mon cher and ma chère typically being reserved for longtime couples, spouses, or familial relationships.

The Ferrero Group, an Italian candymaker, has a product it calls Mon Chéri, a common variable spelling of mon cher and ma chère that is sometimes used gender neutrally. The candy, which relies on mon cher’s romantic sense, is a chocolate covered cherry in flavored liqueur. In other nations, Mon Chéri chocolates lack the liqueur and replace the cherry with a hazelnut.

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How is mon cher used in real life?

Mon cher is most commonly used in combination with English when speaking romantically but in its native French, the term can be used as a showing of affection in various types of relationships.


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You would call someone you strongly dislike mon cher.

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