[ maw-see, mos-ee ]
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adjective,moss·i·er, moss·i·est.
  1. overgrown with or abounding in moss: a mossy stone.

  2. covered with a mosslike growth.

  1. appearing as if covered with moss.

  2. resembling moss: a mossy softness.

  3. old or outdated; antiquated: mossy ideas.

Origin of mossy

First recorded in 1540–50; moss + -y1

Other words from mossy

  • moss·i·ness, noun
  • un·moss·y, adjective

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How to use mossy in a sentence

  • I'm surrounded by mossy ruins that just barely retain the shape of a building.

  • Then he turned to Evelyn's grave, and bending down, tried to read her name on the mossy stone.

    The Circular Study | Anna Katharine Green
  • It was nearing midnight, and the clouds being thick and low made the mossy ground very dark.

    The Underworld | James C. Welsh
  • The mossy surface of the dunes is frozen hard as iron, and often the hailstones rush in furious blasts before the wind.

    Belgium | George W. T. (George William Thomson) Omond
  • Gradually the cold began to tell upon him, and he started to his feet, plodding up the hill, through the soft mossy yielding soil.

    The Underworld | James C. Welsh
  • Squire Wynne has now no land except that occupied by the Plas and its tangled and mossy and grassy and neglected gardens.

    Mushroom Town | Oliver Onions