[ moh-tuh-vey-shuh-nl ]


  1. of or relating to motivation, a person's reason for acting in a certain way:

    The research investigated the motivational factors influencing people’s decision to volunteer with community organizations.

  2. inspiring or seeking to inspire people to act in a certain way, especially so as to overcome obstacles and achieve success, happiness, etc.:

    He mentors inner city youth, telling his motivational story at local schools.

    Since her diagnosis, she has become an HIV/AIDS educator, motivational speaker, and activist.

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Other Words From

  • an·ti·mo·ti·va·tion·al adjective
  • non·mo·ti·va·tion·al adjective
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Example Sentences

A teen with autism lost motivation for his walks to the post office.

To some of the founders of these firms, the motivation comes from personal experiences.

From Ozy

Coach had us get on a Zoom call for a team meeting where he said that he didn’t want us sitting around and losing motivation to train.

Whatever their political affiliation or motivation, all of these Americans are doing the work of democracy, and this deserves our attention and appreciation.

Whatever their motivation, the founders of Bourbaki began to write.

LeGrand went on to write two books, become a motivational speaker, and finish his Rutgers degree via Skype.

Canadian curler Cheryl Bernard wrote a book about curling and is a motivational speaker.

My final new year, new experience is a 2-day motivational course called The Life Event.

There have definitely been a few lyrics that have been interpreted by our fans as being something super motivational.

On Thursday Steenkamp was scheduled to give a motivational speech to students in Johannesburg.

It has deprived the groups of their cohesion and the individual of his motivational drive.

Why don't all of you shoo—I want to do a little survey in depth here—a little motivational work.

Fancy packaging designed by some of the most competent commercial artists and motivational research men in the country.





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