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[ moun-tn-eer ]


  1. an inhabitant of a mountainous district.
  2. a climber of mountains, especially for sport.

verb (used without object)

  1. to climb mountains, especially for sport.


/ ˌmaʊntɪˈnɪə /


  1. a person who climbs mountains
  2. a person living in a mountainous area


  1. intr to climb mountains

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Derived Forms

  • ˌmountainˈeering, noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mountaineer1

First recorded in 1600–10; mountain + -eer

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Example Sentences

In the Alps quieted by pandemic, a mountaineer finds surprisesThe pandemic will reset the ski industry and prompt resorts to reconsider their investments, he said.

If I ski a big line, it might require a 5,000-foot ascent, and then I’ll pick my way down like a ski mountaineer.

“Mount Washington is the iconic peak of the Northeast,” says Mark Synnott, renowned mountaineer, author, and owner of Synnott Mountain Guides.

I’d written a book in 2008 about the mountain and never heard of anything like what Jornet had done—not by guides, veteran mountaineers, or even Sherpas, whose ability in the high mountains was legendary.

Every year since 1976, ANSMET has sent a team of eight volunteer planetary scientists and mountaineers to Antarctica in December and January to hunt for meteorites.

When she was 20, she met Lopsang Sherpa, an established mountaineer, who also thought her too tall to marry.

Around the same time, she met an American mountaineer at the Rum Doodle, a bar in Kathmandu.

Jonathan Groff turns a hapless mountaineer who talks to his pet reindeer into a swashbuckling Prince Charming.

A Chinese mountaineer held a green raincoat over his waist like an apron, covering his nakedness.

Sher Khan, a Pakistani mountaineer, sunk to his knees, shivering.

He was a tall, gaunt mountaineer, and his face showed that he was both cunning and crafty.

My daughter is rather a good mountaineer, and Miss Stirling is just as anxious to make the ascent.

That night the mountaineer told the stranger from the city the story that I have put down in the next chapter.

But the darkness hid his face, and the mountaineer, with mind intent upon his story, did not heed.

The words of the giant mountaineer seemed burned into the father's brain; Hell couldn't hold him against such as that.


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