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[ moo-ver ]


  1. a person or thing that moves.
  2. Often movers. a person or company whose business is the moving move of household effects or office equipment from one location to another.
  3. a powerful and influential person, as in politics or business.
  4. a person who is energetic and ambitious; go-getter.


/ ˈmuːvə /


  1. informal.
    a person, business, idea, etc, that is advancing or progressing
  2. a person who moves a proposal, as in a debate
  3. a removal firm or a person who works for one

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mover1

First recorded in 1350–1400, mover is from the Middle English word mevere. See move, -er 1

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. movers and shakers, Informal. powerful and influential people, as in politics and business.

More idioms and phrases containing mover

In addition to the idiom beginning with mover , also see prime mover .

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Example Sentences

As for V12, Porch’s focus is on that company’s mover marketing and data platform.

You’ll hear from — and get to engage with — some of the most important movers and shakers across public, private and defense sectors.

Though a fast mover, Zeta generated substantial rainfall totals.

“That could be a volatility driver or a market mover,” she adds.

From Fortune

Once again led by the advertising and search category of injury law, due to the highly competitive and expensive nature, we are seeing a couple of key movers.

The minute you stop playing that game the first mover advantage goes away.

He was a prime mover behind the Saudi military intervention in Bahrain a year ago to smash an incipient Shia reform movement.

China has been the main mover behind the six-party talks, aimed at convincing North Korea to dismantle its nuclear program.

Leo is strategic, the queen on the chessboard, the prime mover of the zodiac.

Vestas has clearly been the prime mover in WindMade and they both deserve and have received credit for that.

This success induced the noble mover to bring the subject before the house again.

In every direction but one he turns, and that is the direction where lies the prime mover of his toil, his subject.

Hookey, it seemed probable, was the prime mover; and I felt satisfied we should see him again.

That is true, too,—although I somehow think Merrick is the prime mover in this swindle.

Then came the camp-mover and hauled the wagon to fresh pastures in that illimitable, gray-green land.


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