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[ muhk-reyk ]
/ ˈmʌkˌreɪk /

verb (used without object), muck·raked, muck·rak·ing.

to search for and expose real or alleged corruption, scandal, or the like, especially in politics.


wench, fury, siren, hussy, bitch, hellion, carper, detractor, vixen, virago, nag, scold, battle-ax, biddy, harridan, harpy, madcap, termagant, backbiter, porcupine

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Origin of muckrake

1675–85; obsolete muck rake a rake for use on muck or dung. See muck, rake1
Related formsmuck·rak·er, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for muckrakers


/ (ˈmʌkˌreɪk) /


an agricultural rake for spreading manure


(intr) to seek out and expose scandal, esp concerning public figures
Derived Formsmuckraker, nounmuckraking, noun
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Culture definitions for muckrakers


[ (muk-ray-kuhrz) ]

Authors who specialize in exposing corruption in business, government, and elsewhere, especially those who were active at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. Some famous muckrakers were Ida M. Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens, and Upton Sinclair. President Theodore Roosevelt is credited with giving them their name.

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